TheMaster.Pw - programmers live here

Smart heads
are welcome

We do need competent guys

- having 1-year or more PHP-programming experience;
- having knowledge and skill in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL;
- experienced in operating databases;
- having knowledge and skill in object-oriented programming;
- experienced in operating OS of *nix type;
- experienced in Git and having knowledge in Git Flow principles;
- willing to adopt colleagues’ practices and share their own experience with the team;
- tolerant to somebody else’s codes and criticism;
- having good and stable Internet access alongside with installed Skype, which allows to keep qualitative video connection;
- understanding of TDD, BDD and experience in automatized testing are welcome;
- experience in working with Python, Ruby, Go, Dart, TypeScript, ActionScript, etc. is welcome;
- experience in working with technologies as Memcached, Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Cassandra is welcome.

We won’t work well together in cases:

- you are not self-reliant enough to take the responsibility for the decision you make;
- you are fond of discussing the given task for hours;
- you suffer from the shortage of communication and you go to work just to chat with your colleagues;
- you go to have a smoke or another cup of tea (coffee, water, etc.) every 5 minutes;
- programming is just a hobby for you;
- you think that creating design and coding must be fulfilled by different people;
- you need quality control, managers, testers, etc.;
- you think that OOP and using frameworks is the top of programming progress;
- discipline is a mere name to you;
- you think you are irreplaceable;
- you are inadequate when being criticized;
- you are not ready for development as a programmer and individual;
- you prefer to use third-party codes whether it is appropriate or not instead of thinking with your own head.


- initial salary is 1500 EUR (8 hrs), or 1125 (6 hrs), or 750 EUR (4 hrs);
- salary is credited to your account on daily basis;
- paidout frequency is decided by you (not more frequently that once a day);
- working day - 4, 6, 8 hrs, according to your choise, Mon-Fri;
- you must take a snapshot of your screen every minute (software on your choise). At the end of the working day the archive containing the snapshots is uploaded to the server;
- you are personally liable for every uploaded bug. Your codes must comply with the quality requirements (code architecture and formatting). Nobody hastens you. Don't be in a hurry - write and test your codes qualitatively;
- the penalties system is simple and understandable: if you are late for a minute (upload a bag) - minus 1 EUR, next time - minus 2, next time - minus 4. If a person refuses to understand after such measures, he is dismissed.


You are paid fairly - you work fairly. Yes, the conditions are tough, but we pay not for the spent time but for the working time. We understand that it may be difficult to work for 8 hours in such a regime. If it is difficult for you to work for 8 hours - then work 6 or 4 hours. But do work.

P.S. For those loving to post on forums here is our reply: we have never delayed any salary. If you were not hired after the interview or if you were dismissed within a week, it means that you failed to prove your professionalism. There is a big difference between saying and doing.

- Well, let’s suppose I’ve decided to join your team. What shall I do next?

- Please, send us an application. In reply we will send you a small test for us to make sure that your level of knowledge, skills, painstaking and attitude to work do match our requirements. All these must be proved by real work.

Get the test

- Can I escape the test?

- No. No chance.